Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

"Who lives in the center of Belarus - I don't know how they live"

Radio Liberty

From November 28 new limitations imposed by the government on travelling abroad started to operate. Now one can cross the border by own car not more than once every eight days. Thus, the authorities are trying to limit the unauthorized export of motor fuel.

Today at the border checkpoint "Bruzgi - Kuznitsa Bialystokskaya" there is no queue at all.

All, who went to Poland today by one's own car through the border checkpoint "Bruzgi - Kuznitsa Bialystokskaya" were impressed by absence of queues at the entrance to the border checkpoint. Drivers who stopped to buy an insurance, told they didn't remember such a thing for a long time.

The woman who arrived in an old Volkswagen, says the last time she traveled five days ago.

Woman: "The last time was a big queue. We arrived here at 20 o'clock in the evening, but passed the border only at 8 in the morning..."

I ask people - what do they think about new limitations on border crossings?

Man: "For me, of course, it's too bad, because if I have to go, I have to wait due to them another eight days. And I still have to drive tomorrow, but now I can't do this".

Another man: "It's all very unclear. I think, that human rights are violated here, firstly. And secondly, there is no democracy - a person should be free to go when he wants, and how he likes to. That's how the whole world lives ..." Especially people are dissatisfied that now they can make instead of 5-6 visits in a month only 4-5, and a car insurance now and before costs more than $70 a month.

Woman: "It's 50 euros, about $80. If they limited the amount of travel, then let they would sell an insurance for a single trip, and not for a whole month ..."

Man: "Of course, our salaries don't match the level one can live on. That's why people go there. Those who live next to Russia, travels to Russia and who is next to Lithuania - to Lithuania. And who lives in the center of Belarus - I don't know how they live..."

Woman: "If there is a child, one can't buy anything for our million. Therefore, first of all we're carrying food products, washing powder, different utensils, even those pampers are much cheaper there ..."

Many of my interlocutors have suggested, that queues to become shorter from the introduction of new limitations, but everyone believe, people will continue to strive going there.

Woman: "I think people will go anyway, there is no alternative. And especially now, before Christmas, there are discounts in stores - everybody will go".

Man: "Of course, if here we had a normal salary, people would keep their jobs and everything would be fine, but in reality..."