Updated at 18:12,15-06-2018

FEMEN: we will bring political prisoner's kits to Minsk action


FEMEN activist Alexandra Shevchenko has told Euroradio why they are going to undress in Minsk and what they have prepared for their possible arrest.

Euroradio: We have got to know about your desire to conduct an action in Minsk on December 19. Is it a serious plan?

Alexandra Shevchenko: We would like to visit Minsk on December 19 and to take part in the actions that will take place there. We will prepare our topless action to claim that democracy, freedom of thought and love of freedom cannot be suppressed in Belarus by any means. Even if all the protesters get jailed. People will continue struggling with the Lukashenka regime and will never give up. We are planning to visit you on Decemeber 19 and we hope that they will not stop us at the border. Maybe we will arrive a bit later not on December 19.

Euroradio: Stanislau Shushkevich tried to dissuade you when you met him on December 12. He described many horrors of our political reality. Has it affected your plans?

Alexandra Shevchenko: We understand very well what is going on in Belarus. However, it will not stop us. On the contrary, we would like to come and organize an action to help all Belarusians get rid of the tyranny and establish a democratic regime in Belarus.

Euroradio: Besides you usual poster (being topless), have you prepared a motto for the poster you will be holding in your hands?

Alexandra Shevchenko: We will think it over but I think that you will like the motto. I even hope that Belarusians will start shouting it at their meetings and actions. It will become a key motto of the anti-Lukashenka campaign!

Euroradio: You are facing the risk of getting jailed in Belarus for your action. Are you going to bring political prisoners kits with you or do you hope to get all the necessary things from your Belarusian associates?

Alexandra Shevchenko: We always have those political prisoners kits on us: a toothbrush, warm clothes, socks and books. We always bring them with us! But we are also hoping that Belarusian girls will help us. In fact, we are hoping to escape the punishment for the unauthorized meeting we hope to be lucky. Otherwise, we will be ready to spend a few days in jail!

Euroradio: Ukrainian human rights activists have been stopped at the border many times. How are you planning to reach Minsk?

Alexandra Shevchenko: There is an old Ukrainian motto: Freedom cant be stopped! We are hoping that a guiding star will help the girls wishing to undress to claim that somebody needs freedom in some country. I hope that we will be able to fulfill our plan and that we will express our disagreement with the Lukashenka regime as large as life!

Euroradio: Will you try to cooperate with Belarusian politicians, parties and movements, say, with Nyaklyayeu or with the BPF, to coordinate your actions on December 19? They will be wearing coats and you will be wearing your birthday suits

Alexandra Shevchenko: Thats a good idea! We will try talking to the politicians. You cannot contact politicians in Ukraine because they will deceive you anyway, they will use your activities and then the cooperation will end. I hope that it is different in Belarus. We will see what we can do and who may help us organize a joint action.