Updated at 11:59,19-05-2018

"Lukashenka's cool: he said that European leaders had no balls"


Well-known Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko, who compared Belarusians with hobbits, on Tuesday interviewed the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

The interview will be broadcasted in "Russian news service" on Friday evening, but a few funny quotes of Lukashenko the journalist published in Twitter.

"Lukashenka's cool: said that European leaders had no balls. I argued: Sarkozy has. Lukashenka condemned: Sarkozy has no balls either!", Dorenko writes.

"Lukashenka's great. I hinted that his relations with Belarus are like relations with a wife. He said,he would like it to be this way", the journalist quotes another spicy extract from the interview.

However, some more serious questions Belarusian leader answered evasively.

"I asked Lukashenka twice, persistently: "Who is Putin?" Lukashenka said twice stubbornly:"I think of him the same as you do", Dorenko writes in Twitter.

By the way, a few years ago it the air of "Ekho Moskvy" he declared, that Putin was not a politician, but "a genius intriguer".

We note, the journalist didn't discuss the interview's questions with Lukashenka's press service. He told Euroradio, that "it doesn't work like this" and will talk with the president as "two people usually talk".
The last time Sergei Dorenko obtained a long interview with Lukashenka in July 1994, when he was still a presidential candidate. Now, it took six months to approve this meeting.

"This is from series of difficult interviews, which you approve for a long time - they are connected to everything", Dorenko said, noting that he has planned "a conceptual conversation" with the president of Belarus.