Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

10-15 people from the president's personnel register are under examination


In the near future the public will be told about corruption cases, which were opened against the officials from the president's personnel register. Alexander Lukashenko told about this during the press conference on Friday.

He said that "10-15 people from the president's personnel register are under examination". According to the president, basically there are crimes of corruption matter.

Head of State has promised, the public should be informed about high-profile cases in a more detailed way, and added, that soon the information on this cases would be published.

First of all, citizens will learn about the Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs Yevgeny Poluden and about the businessman Viktor Shevtsov.

"My assistants have already told me: "We need to publish the corrupt schemes more openly, which are currently being investigated and were investigated. "And I agreed, so in the near future we'll begin with Shevtsov, although he is not a member of the government, and with others ...", the president promised.