Updated at 11:43,21-10-2020

Charter 97 was hacked again. Authorities continue to destroy the opposition resource


Charter 97 web-site is being attacked by hackers again. Cybercriminals delete publications, and on their place they publish discreditable texts.

We remind, the site was subjected to an attack on December 29. Passwords from the administrative part of the resource were hacked, destroyed the site materials and posted the text, discrediting Marina Kovalevskaya the lawyer of Andrei Sannikov and the wife of former presidential candidate Irina Khalip.

"It seems, their task is "to kill" the site. I think, it can conceivably come to a physical violence", Natalia Radina the editor of Charter 97 told. According to her, they learnt about an attempt to hack into mailboxes of Irina Bogdanova (sister of imprisoned former presidential candidate in 2010 elections Andrei Sannikov), Irina Khalip and Natalia Koliada.