Updated at 12:25,23-10-2020

MTIN stopped broadcasting Euronews through lack of money


Head of Marketing department of "Minsk television information networks" (MTIN) Maxim Dubovik said it was the economic situation, but not any political reasons, that deprived Minsk residents of an independent TV channel Euronews.

According to Maxim Dubovik, January 1, 2012, the cost of the channel increased significantly. The companies had failed to agree on cost reduction, so MTIN decided to stop broadcasting Euronews TV channel, Euroradio informs.

"We held talks late last year. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful then. We will continue negotiating in January this year. And if we fail to find mutual understanding with our partner, with whom we have previously had contractual relationships, we'll contact directly the channel management. We will do everything possible to get the channel back into the TV network," said the representative of the company.

At 00:02 on January 1, Minsk TV networks ceased retransmission of Euronews channel. Instead, MTIN began to broadcast TV channel "NTV + Movies Plus". Customers of other providers of cable television services have yet an opportunity to watch European news.