Updated at 23:25,12-02-2019

Number of Deaths From Swine Flu Growing in Belarus


The A(H1N1) pandemic virus has been detected in 13 Belarusians died from pneumonia. However, the authorities continue to state only 165 persons suffer from swine flu.

BelTA news agency learnt this from the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry still states only 165 cases of A(H1N1) pandemic flu have been registered, including 139 cases in the period of the epidemic outburst (0.02% of the total number of ARVI cases). As of November 19, A(H1N1) flu virus was detected in 13 people died from pneumonia.

The Ministry also said study was suspended in 872 education establishments to prevent ARVI spreading. Lessons in 1267 education establishments were resumed.

We remind that it was reported on November 4 that 7 Belarusians had died from swine flu. So, the number of swine influenza deaths increased by 6 for two weeks.

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from flu in Belarus. However, the Ministry of Health said swine flu cases were not counted anymore. According to Lyudmila Naroichyk, the deputy head physician of the Republican Hygiene, Epidemiology and Civil Health Centre, "there’s no need to confirm laboratory all cases". Chief health officer of Belarus Valyantsina Kachan said: "There’s no reason for panic about swine flu; we do not have an epidemic in Belarus."

However the number of cases could be much higher as not all patients with pneumonia pass A(H1N1) tests. Laboratories are not ready for such a number of people. Considering the difference between the number of persons who passed tests and the real number of the infected, one could assume that in reality there are by one order more cases.

Belarusian drugstores lack of anti-flu medicines and most necessary things – face masks and oxolinic ointment.