Updated at 14:54,16-10-2020

Lukashenka: Our ideologists are losing out to foreign political consultants

Belsat TV

"Humanitarians fail to provide serious scientific support for ideology and outreach. Our opponents, primarily those in the West, use more and more advanced political technologies while our experts are not able to develop effective strategies to meet their challenge", Alexander Lukashenka made the statement at the ceremony for awarding certificates of doctors of science and professors to research workers and pedagogues on February 7, 2012.

In his opinion, the Belarusian science ought to be fundamentally modernized.

Alexander Vaytovich, the latest elective president of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, agrees to the statement above, but points out that the modernization of science should not be carried out at a top official’s order. Moreover, it is crucial that discussions in the academic community along with public debates be organized before starting any reforming process.

The academician is absolutely sure that the division into applied and abstract sciences should be kept. The former succeeds in earning money by means of research, but the latter will defititely dissappear if not state-financed, the academician mentions.

In Alexander Vaytovich’s view, scientists are not to blame for the Belarusian ideology being foundationless. "So called state ideology aims at the preservation of the backward state administration system. The humanitarians scruple to give scientific credence to it", the expert says.