Updated at 12:50,27-10-2020

“The attitude to the Eurovision is if we send the first Belarusian into space“


"Belarusian people did it together, this is a miracle, thanks to our president and our fans!", Dmitry Karyakin said, the lead singer of the group Litesound which won the "Eurofest". This happy comment Euroradio broadcasted during the press conference on revised results of the competition.

Meanwhile, President reprimanded the Minister of Culture Pavel Latushko and the chairman of the Belteleradiocompany Gennady Davydko, and also reprimanded the head of the presidential administration Vladimir Makei, his deputy Alexander Radzkou and Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Tozik. Everybody who is directly responsible for rigging the voting will be dismissed, and maybe even prosecuted.

Why to interfere so tough in the results of selection for the Eurovision at such a high level, the UDF.BY correspondent learnt from the chief editor of the music portal "Tuzіn Gіtou" Sergei Budkin and the music critic and journalist Pavel Sverdlov.

- Why the country's president personally intervened in the revision of the "Eurofest" results?

Sverdlov: First, not the president drew attention to it, but journalists. And the president intervened, when it was necessary to save the country's image.

Secondly, this is a possibility for him to show himself in the eyes of the public as the just president who doesn't offend artists and is able to distinguish good from bad. According to BELTA's arcticle, he has appeared exactly in this role.

Thirdly, the Investigative Committee was established in the country, which requires the reached cases. Fraud of votes here, in my opinion, was clear, and to prove frauds is simple. At the meeting with the president on the results of the project the people of the Investigation Committee were present, and I think much of the initiative came from them.

Budkin: All proceeds from the beginning, when the attitude to this contest in the country was a little bit unhealthy: as if we send the first Belarusian into space. When the state officials take up these cases, then all turns into an absurd. This is shown by the last year practice. Because in fact, officials are struggling to get somebody of their candidates for some money ... It has a weak relationship to music and culture. Hence is the scandal at the state level, which was a consequence of this policy.

- Is Eurovision really so important for Belarus ?

Sverdlov: It is important, as any prestige European project. With Europe we have an apparent opposition at the policy level, and to express themselves even in the field of culture for Belarus would be helpful.

On the other hand, our attempts to perform well remind Don Quixote fighting with windmills: in Europe they understand well, what Belarus is, and don't wish us the victory. If not at the level of the organizing committee, then at the level of ordinary citizens, who vote under the authority of not baseless stereotypes about Europe's last dictatorship. So even if we sent talented performers - still nothing really would work there: we are not "smooth", "good" part of Europe, which could easily qualify for the victory in home European competition.

As for success in children's Eurovision against this background, then both in Europe and we understand that to hurt children is not good at all. Therefore, at the children's contest, the talent of young Belarusians finds an adequate assessment. Children and politics are in very different corners.

Budkin: It's hard to imagine this attitude in any other European country. Our neighbors in Lithuania, and Poland are quite indifferent to the contest. Unless in the post-Soviet countries there is the cult of Eurovision. I do not think this interest is justified, because it is just one of the TV contests, which are a lot in the world.

- Who would you propose to send to the Eurovision?

Sverdlov: Now in Europe freaks are popular. By the way, the group Litesound looks good: the guys with white-collars, in jackets, but I would send something shocking, non-standard. And made an emphasis on rock music: "The Loop of Addiction" or "Rocker-Joker". This, of course, is not the Eurovision's format, but such a product from Belarus could catch the European audience.

Budkin: This should be a singer who is able to represent one's country, culture, maybe even one's own language to the European audience. Singer should has charisma, personality and must know what to offer. I think, the ethno-trio "Troіtsa" is 100% meet these criteria.