Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Police colonel headed the oppositionist's beating

An activist of "Malady Front" (Young Front) who hung in the center of Minsk the white-red-white flag, was detained and severely beaten.

Roman Pratasevich, who in the evening of May 16 hung the white-red-white flag on a building opposite the GUM department store, was arrested by riot police and spent several hours at the police station.

As the "Belarusian Partisan" learnt, 10 riot policemen were detaining Roman, during the arrest he was severely beaten (broken face, limping on one leg, hands dislocated). Colonel Evseev commanded the special operation.

By law it's not eligible to try him yet. He can not be sentenced to 15 days, as Roman recently celebrated his 17th birthday, and up to 18 administrative arrest in Belarus is not possible under the law.

16-year-old student of Lyceum BNTU Roman Pratasevich became known all over the country in July 2011. At that time, for taking part in "the silent revolutions" Roman was kicked out of the Lyceum, and the guy himself left the family because of ideological differences.