Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Oppositionist from Vitsebsk Region Selling his Kidney – He has Nothing to Live on


Alyaksandr Zhytkevich from the village of Bychykha asks the distirct newspaper "Gorodokski Vestnik" to publish a free advertisement about selling his kidney.

Alyaksandr Zhytkevich made this decision after failure to find a job for seven months. Now he has nothing to live on, Radio Svaboda reports.

Thirteen organizations have refused to employ Zhytkevich for the last seven months. He thinks the leadership of the Haradok district of the Vitsebsk region launched a war against him after his participation in the 2008 electoral campaign as an observer.

Activist Leanid Haravy from Haradok reminds that 23-year old dentist’s assistant Alyaksandr Zhyntkevich from the village of Bychykha was warned about possible negative consequences during the parliamentary elections. The young specialist was accused of unlawful receiving of payment from patients. Alyaksandr Zhytkevich stood trial in May 2009, the court deprived his of the right for profession for two years. The young man failed to find another job.

Alyaksandr Zhytkevich and another jobless activist from Haradok Leanid Autukhou held a five-day hungry strike in July to attract attention of the public to their problems. Zhytkevich rwas taken for a probation period in a forestry farm, but the director refused to employ him even as a general labourer.

The Haradok dweller took a decision to sell his kidney as he has nothing to live on – he is an orphan, brought up in children’s home, and can’t find a job.

Leanid Haravy said a campaign to help Alyaksandr Zhytkevich has been launched. Villagers have already collected food for him.