Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

Sannikov's lawyer wasn't let out from Belarus “for draft evasion“

Nasha Niva

She defended Andrei Sannikov in court.

"I was going with his family to Vilnius for a few days by car", Kovalevskaya said. "I took vocation at work to do this".

At the border Marina Kovalevskaya was informed, that she is in the list of restricted to leave the territory of Belarus and they put the appropriate stamp in the passport. The reason is not explained.

"I connect it exclusively to those cases in which I was involved", said the woman. "At the same time, I was engaged only in advocacy, nothing more".

She says that a couple of months ago she traveled from Belarus, and at that time she had no problems.

"There are no lawsuits against me, I'm not liable for military service. Absolutely not clear on what grounds I was not let outside".

Marina Kovalevskaya says, she had informed the Minsk city bar association about the incident, and asked to assist in resolving this issue.

Kovalevskaya was a defender of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov.

List of restricted to leave the territory of Belarus appeared in March this year. About twenty people got in it: politicians, human rights activists and journalists.

As husband of the lawyer Valery Kovalevsky informed, travel ban was justified "as evasion from call events". This he wrote in facebook. Kovalevsky emphasizes that his wife is not liable for military service, and adds, the decision to limit the movement was signed on March 5, 2012.