Updated at 15:15,21-01-2021

Beaten girl - the BCD activist was fined to Br 2,5 million

Radio Liberty, translated by UDF.BY

On June 12 the judge of Slonimski District Court Ivan Lastovsky examined the case of BCD activist Olga Panasevich.

She was fined under two articles of the Administrative Code, in total to 25 basic units.

Olga Panasevich was arrested on April 21 in Slonim, seized, forcibly pushed into a car, brought to a police station, for three days she was held in a cell, beaten, put in a swallow position. Coming out of prison Olga Panasevich documented the beatings in a medical facility and wrote a complaint to the prosecutor's office. But later she was charged with using obscene language and disobeying police.

In the court a forensic medical examination's conclusion was read, which witnessed numerous beatings. But the judge ruled not in favor of the victim. Olga Panasevich tells:

"There were witnesses on my side. On the other side were only the members of the patrol service. Court made a decision on the basis of their testimony. And as far as I understand, the judge had already had a decision before the sides were debating. I was given a penalty under Article 17.1 - 5 base units, and under Article 23.4 - 20 base units. Together this is 2.5 million".

Reporter: "So you have stayed three days in prison, and you are fined to 25 basic units?"

"Yes, they even gave me a penalty".

Reporter: "Will you appeal the decision?"

"Yeah, sure I will".