Updated at 14:37,26-01-2021

Prisoner Molchanov learned of his mother's death


Former political prisoner Alexander Molchanov, re-sentenced by a court to fifteen years in maximum security prison, on June 13 met with a lawyer.

The same day, Molchanov received a telegram with the news of his mother's death, social activist Anna Shaputska wrote on her page on Facebook.

"With the lawyer he kept a stiff upper lip, said his mother was very ill", wrote Shaputska.

Galina Molchanova died of coronary insufficiency on the night of June 9. Son was not let to the funeral, which took place on June 11, explaining that the verdict against him had not yet entered into force.

During a meeting with his lawyer, Alexander Molchanov also said he had a sore back. Recently, friends are planning to give him the send and transfer money.

Molchanov's complaints on the verdict will be considered on 26 June. The activist was sentenced to a year and six months of the colony for the collection of scrap metal.