Updated at 14:37,26-01-2021

Palina Respublika: Teachers started to care about my rights more


The singer-student tells how to pass exams without "stimulants" and whether it is possible to combine music with the examenation session.

Euroradio: What are your methods-mechanisms of passing exams?

Palina Respublika: In the Academy of Arts where I study there are special exams at which we show our works, and common exams. If it is a special exam you will have to work anyway, whether you want it or not. Usually we just live in the Academy during such exams - we come at 9 and leave at 23, but we have already come through this stage. When I take exams in common educational subjects, I usually think of what I want to learn beforehand and write it all down. Such method saves people with not very good memory. I write this down, then read it all over and everything has been okay so far.

Euroradio: Do you use any additional stimulants, like energy drinks, vitamins, coffee?

Palina Respublika: There once was a case when I went to Bialystok to the festival right after the exam, and I was supposed to take another exam right after return. I had literally one day to get prepared to the exam in the Belarusian literature. Then I just sat and learned, and I tried literally everything - coffee, tea, energy drinks - I went to bed at 5 and when I came to the exam, I was totally exhausted. So, I wouldn't advise anyone to get prepared for an exam like this.

Euroradio: Have you had flashes of inspiration, like, it's time to write a new song, while you had to sit there with a book learning for an exam?

Palina Respublika: Yes, there have been things like that. This is a competition, a struggle between what you have to do and the fear to lose this very song, melody, idea. However, when I am tired a feel like some vegetable or fruit, this is difficult...

Euroradio: Did the teachers start paying more attention to you when you won the "Bard Autumn"?

Palina Respublika: Some of them treat me like all other students. However, the teacher of such discipline as protection of intellectual property did not gave me the credit as I failed to answer the question for how many years my songs would be protected. Thus, you see, teachers are worried that I should know my rights.

Euroradio: Has it become easier for you to study?

Palina Respublika: A person may get tired, it happens sometimes, and you cannot hide from this fatigue. However, my extra work gives me so many positive emotions that new energy appears, and I can use it in the process of education.