Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

Around the World for $500

Nasha Niva

A second year culinary cooledge student Jauhien Cikhanau and his friend plan to make a world tour. The trip will take two or three years, he says.

Nasha Niva learned how two guys are going to make their way around the globe with the budget of $500 only.

Around the World for $500

Jauhien Cikhanau, photo by Siarhiej Hudzilin, Nasha Niva

Have you already developed the route for the journey?

Jauhien Cikhanau: First of all we are heading the East: through Ukraine to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. We plan to stay for 2-3 weeks in every country. Then we are going to visit Iran (and stay there for a month). Then — depending on visas — to Turkmenistan or Tibet. Our main aim in the regions is to reach Tibet and then China.

We are intending to make our way to Laos after this as it is on the way to Australia. We want to stay in Australia for long. Then through South America to Mexico. We won’t go to the USA or Canada as visiting these countries is not a problem any time.

If we are lucky enough, we will travel the West coast of Africa, and after this back home via Europe.

How are you going to travel?

We will hitchhike, both of us. We understand it is difficult and long way.

What are your travel funds?

Around $500.

In the West you may live almost for free, we will get through it. But when we are in Australia and New Zealand, we’ll have to find a job. We consider plantation variant. There is all year round employment there.

However, you cannot hitchhike between the continents…

It’s not of big hardship. The main hindrance is the Pacific Ocean.

We hope we will manage to earn the sum necessary for the flight to South America in Australia.

How did your family and friends react to your plans?

My mother was very anxious. She thought I had to graduate first, earn some money and only then set off.

But I am sure that if I do not manage to do it now, I will never manage to. Furthermore, today one may stay in touch from anywhere in the world.

My friends’ attitude was also diverse. Some say that I should finish my studies, other praise my idea, but cannot do the same as I: they have their families, children.

I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to arrive at such decision myself in a year or two.

You are travelling together with your friend?

Yes. His name is Raman Svichnikau. He is very experienced in hitchhiking: he reached Shanghai last year.

I am not as skilled as he is, but I will go anyway.

What is keeping me here? My college… But there will be plenty time to study. One may learn at any time and it is worth learning all the time.

How detailed is your travel plan?

I’ve recently read the itinerary of a Russian tourist who travelled the whole world with his wife in three years.

He gave up everything, lost all his friends and associates. I thought he was a tough one.

Still, in the end he wrote, “We took $100 per every day, food, accommodation and travel expences excluded.”

Well, we travel the other way. We'll do it somehow.