Updated at 15:15,21-01-2021

Will Lukashenko hold another referendum?

Justice Department of Smolevichi region refused to citizens in the conduct of local referendum on the construction of China's industrial park. The officials said the matter should be put to the Republican vote.

BelaPAN learnt this from one of the civil campaign "Tell the truth!" leaders Andrei Dmitriev.

According to him, with the support of the campaign locals collected signatures to hold the local referendum, and submitted to the Smolevichi executive committee the statement with requirement to register the initiative group on referendum. The locals should answer one question: "Do you agree with the placement in Smolevichi district the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park?"

"We received an answer from the Department of Justice, which says that our raised issue in a local referendum is not within the competence of local and national authorities, since the decree on the construction of industrial park was signed by the president. A trigger on the subject of the Republican referendum, we can not, because the ordinances President of the referendum can not be discussed", said Dmitriev. In his view, the refusal can be appealed only in court.

"If this matter should be discussed at the republican level, it is clear this issue is a political one. And if it is the political issue, then we will act on the political level. Therefore, we plan to organize a global survey of all candidates, both pro-government and opposition, in terms of their relation to the construction of the industrial park without a national debate and public control", said Dmitriev.

He also noted, all the candidates, supported the campaign "Tell the truth!" will raise the issue in their speeches, the problem of opacity while building industrial park.

"Opacity of building facilities is the problem not only in Smolevichi. Similar problems exist in Bereza and Soligorsk, in other cities. Construction without the civilian control breeds corruption and lawlessness. Of course, we'll deal with it", said Dmitriev.

We remind, on June 5 Alexander Lukashenko signed decree number 253, according to which in Smolevichi district of Minsk region on the area of ​​8 thousand 48 hectares will be established the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park. The park will be a special economic zone, which is given a special legal regime for 50 years. Priority areas scheduled for development in the park - electronics, biomedicine, chemistry and engineering.