Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Ex-Defense Minister: I'm ashamed of our combat readiness


"It seems they want to hide the disease, even if the patient is still sick", the former Belarusian Defense Minister Pavel Kozlovsky commented on the security forces' silence about the incident with light airplane illegally crossed the border from the territory of Lithuania.

We remind, the incident took place on July 4. Video and photo of the light airplane, which allegedly dropped teddy bears near Minsk, were posted on the Internet by Swedish amateur pilots, who claim they freely crossed the Belarusian-Lithuanian border twice, and were flying over the territory of Belarus for a few hours.

"This is the tragedy of Belarusian army, when the Swedes had a good laugh over our combat readiness and flew away, and we puff out our cheeks during parades. I am ashamed of what happened, although today I am out of work", Kozlovsky told in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

Also, the ex-minister reminded that Alexander Lukashenko is personally responsible for security and defense of the country, and he has repeatedly stated publicly about it.