Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Workers of Grodnozhilstroy enterprise go on strike

On Friday, July 13, from 7 am a few shops of the construction enterprise stopped working. People who had got their wages the day before, refused to work and demanded to increase salaries.

According to witnesses, about a hundred workers, delegated from different shops, asked for a meeting with Director General Oleg Ushkevich. As explained by the chairman of Grodnozhilstroy's trade union Galina Kondratieva, a conversation with the leadership was held, people were promised wage increases, they returned to their jobs. But, according to her estimates, about 30 people wanted to ask the administration their questions.

As it leaked out, a similar campaign was started by workers of the reinforced steel shop the last month. At that time, people were assured in the salary increase, but so far workers didn't get the promised money. And on Friday they complained that three million Belarusian rubles are not enough for a hard physical work.

"I work in the transportation and raw materials shop, I got almost two million. How to feed a family - I do not know," said a factory worker. Around 10.30 workers were on their working places, but didn't manage to learn, whether they started to perform the duties.