Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

In Mogilev region the camp of young social democrats broken up


Administration of Mogilev Metallurgical Plant's camp site, where the meeting of young social democrats was held, has forced about 50 campers to leave the camp site without notice and explanations.

As Julia Mickiewicz the organizer of the camp told UDF.BY, the event, planned to be held for a week, was visited by people from across the country, as well as a guest from France. The camp held out only one day.

Administration motivated the evictions by claiming that supposedly athletes were coming back, and they forget to warn the director of the camp about their arrival. In addition, the rules of residence have a point, according to which the administration has the right to evict people not explaining the reasons, said Julia Mickiewicz. She considers the reasons for eviction, voiced by the administration, as formal.

"This looks like an absolute fiction, how did athletes not informed the camp site director and suddenly arrived. Yes, and they came to evict us with the police at once, began to check passports, transcribed data, invited a French guy to talk. Wondered who is he and why did he come, copied data, checked the fact of border crossing," said the young leader of social-democrats. "We were immediately threatened, if we were not leaving, they would call riot police to evict us".

The camp organizers decided not to risk the participants, some of whom arrived with young children, and intend to seek another place to hold the camp.

"We wrote a message in the camp site's "book of complaints and offers", and we will also go to the law with a claim to compensate moral damages for spoiled holidays. We promised the Administration an international scandal", said Julia Mickiewicz. She added, holidays at the camp site were prepaid a week ahead, though, the money were given back them for remaining days.

Camp of Young Social Democrats was held under the slogan: "Who are we, where come from, and where do we go". The participants discussed the issues of social democracy origins in Belarus, the present situation, the place of youth and its proposals to the public.