Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Ales Mikhalevich excluded out of Interpol's central database


Such conclusion can be made from the answer to the enquiry sent by Mikhalevich to International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO).

The former presidential candidate wrote this at his Facebook page.

"In a word, they excluded me out of their central database. They didn't tell in which countries' databases I still remained," the politician-immigrant said.

Last year Mikhalevich managed to escape abroad after his release from the KGB detention center. In December 2011, Ales Mikhalevich was detained in the Warsaw airport, as his name was in the Interpol database due to Belarus' enquiry. The Polish MFA had to interfere in that case then in order to solve the situation. The politician sent a letter to the Interpol asking to explain the situation with his detention later.