Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Founding conference for Center Party of Belarus scheduled for December


A founding conference for the Center Party of Belarus (CPB) will be held in Brest on December 23, 2012, according to a statement that BelaPAN has received from a "group of citizens supporting parliamentary contender Anatol Lyawkovich."

The group suggests a "need to create a real political alternative."

"The House of Representatives elections will not change the situation in the country," the statement says. "There is no real political competition in Belarus at present. There is a hardened regime on one side of the barricades and there are buffoonery and peacockery on the other. Political life in the country is reduced to hand clapping in squares and writing slogans that nobody needs. People are tired of buffoonery and uncovered peacockery. People are sick and tired of the senseless 20-year-old confrontation. Malicious aggression has eroded opposition organizations like corrosion. The regime plays with pseudo-fighters [for freedom and democracy] like a full cat with its victim. The opposition has squandered the trust of the people. The time of the pseudo-opposition is over."

The statement includes a Polish mobile phone number by which all those interested can receive further information about the conference and the party.