Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Belarusian air Defense troops learned how to shoot down planes in Russia


Military trainings of units of Air Force and Air Defense troops of Belarus have been completed on Ashuluk polygon in Astrakhan Region of Russia.

In the field firing were involved units of the 120th and the 56th air defense missile brigades, equipped with complexes of "Beech" and "Thor-M2", the reports press service of the Ministry of Defense. For Belarusian group were created conditions of high complexity: for conventional air targets "worked" missile targets, simulating current and perspective aircrafts, cruise missiles, helicopters and other aerodynamic objects of all altitudes in conditions of heavy jamming. Even weather, unusual for a desert, played against the Air Defense troops: perhaps for the first time in many years, the sky was overcast with clouds. However, all targets were destroyed.

Feature of the current training was the debut of the newest anti-aircraft missile system "Thor-M2", which was only in December last year put by Russia into service of the Belarusian army. The complex is designed to deflect massive attacks with use of the latest air attack weapons, including radar and fire resistance. Put simply, directly in combat during the attack of an enemy. It is equipped with eight anti-aircraft missiles, which are capable to eliminate target on a speed of 700 meters per second at an altitude of 10 to 10 thousand feet and at a distance of 12 kilometers. At the peak of its capabilities "Thor" can easily detect up to 50 different objectives, simultaneously conducting fire once on two of them.

It is assumed that by the end of next year at the disposal of the Belarusian side will be a full battalion, equipped with anti-aircraft missile system "Thor-M2". It would be assigned to the 120th air defense missile brigade, stationed on the western border of Belarus.