Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Cadets are prepared for the visit of Lukashenka


Cadets received a list of questions that the president will ask them and their answers.

The Minsk Regional Cadet College, which is located in Slutsk, expects a visit of A. Lukashenka on December 28. Cadets say the visit will last only 40 minutes, but preparations started a month ago.

The number of lessons was shortened and the academic term was extended.

"The holidays begin on December 29 instead of December 23," cadets say.

As Salidarnasс learnt from children, the building was renovated for the New Year's Ball. A new computer classroom was opened. Lukashenka is expected to visit the classroom to talk to the cadets with good foreign language skills.

Asked if Lukashenka knew foreign languages, an embarrassed cadet answered: "He probably knows".

Cadets received suits and ball dresses on occasion of Lukashenka's visit. While buying clothes was financed by the state, girls will have to do their hair at their own cost.

"It was planned that a hairdresser from Minsk would come, but they changed their mind for unknown reasons. Girls were ordered to buy hair sprays, mousses, gels, hairpins and so on. They are training to set hair now," cadets say.

Children say the hairdo will cost each girl approximately 200,000 rubles. Some of cadets don't have parents. Their grandparents and other relatives had to pay for additional expenses.

The repair works and expenses on hairstyles for Slutsk cadets cannot be compared with preparations for Lukashenka's visits in other regions: painting hooves of cows, taking away rifles from hunters and shooting pigeons.

"No one knows if his younger son will come," a cadet says. "But one of our girls learns to dance waltz in case Kolya arrives." The cadet doesn't know why this exactly girl was chosen. "A girl from the Vitesbk region will dance with Lukashenka. Everyone worries that he can learn she is not from the Minsk region. What then?"

Judging from talks with cadets from other groups, no surprises are expected during Lukashenka's visit:

"We received the answers he would ask and our answers to them," the children say.