Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Rally at Kovry Bresta factory


Officials were met with an unexpected rally at a factory in Brest.

Some scores of women gathered at the entrance of the factory to express their displeasure with 9-month crisis at the enterprise, Euroradio reports.

Weaver Lilia explains:

"We want to work. We want to work every day and receive wages. Our work is really hard. You have to stand on your feet amid the noise all day, but we receive nothing. One of our workers got 370,000 rubles! She has to feed a kid. Halina Hlavinskaya, my assistant, has grade 4. I have grade 6. I received 470,000 rubles. I gave 399,000 for utility bills and I have 71,000 left. How will I live? How can it be so?"

The workers showed their paysheets to new chairman of Bellegprom concern Mikhail Suchkou and said the director, who was appointed in spring, is unable to tackle the crisis, because he does not have proper education and carries out wrong policy.

The women wanted to enter the workshop and wait for first deputy prime minister Uladzimir Syamashka, who inspects enterprises of the Brest region. The workers wanted to see him and complain about their problems.