Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

British-Dutch publishing house puts out English translation of "King Stakh's Wild Hunt" by Uladzimir Karatkevich


"King Stakhs Wild Hunt is a suspense mystery thriller, set against a historical background," says the publishing house's website.

"The story kicks off from the books first pages, throwing the reader into the atmosphere of a dark intense fear before the inevitable. It doesnt take long for the reader to begin anxiously accompanying Belaretsky on the swamps, meeting strange personae here and there, all of them either mad or scared, or hiding something important, and at times simply miserable."

According to the publisher, the canvas of the story "includes a personal theme of the authors sad concern for his nations destiny."

Uladzimir Karatkevich (1930-84) was born in Orsha, Vitsyebsk region. His first published work was a poem that appeared in 1951, which was later followed by three collections of verse. Later, he turned to prose and published a large number of short stories, in collections titled, Chazenia, The Eye of the Typhoon, From Past Ages, and others. He also wrote novels, with King Stakhs Wild Hunt ( , 1964) being the most popular of them. His novels deal predominantly with Belarus' historical past, including the 1863-64 anti-Russian uprising led by Kastus Kalinowski. Karatkevich also wrote a number of plays, essays, screenplays, and detective and adventure stories. His works are marked by romanticism, rich imagery and emotionalism.