Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Ryhor Baraduln Gets to Reanimation with Bilateral Pneumonia


According to the chief physician of the therapeutic commission Iryna Abelskaya, the National poet is in a serious condition.

Ryhor Baraduln was taken to the reanimation unit of the Presidents Administration hospital yesterday evening. According to the National poets wife Valyantsina Mihailauana, uncle Ryhor complained that he was very cold and shivering, he turned pale. It turned out that his temperature had reached 40 degrees.

They called an ambulance of the therapeutic commission but doctors refused to come at first they said it was necessary to go to a polyclinic with high temperature. The thing is Baradulin, being a National poet, is served by the therapeutic commission instead of an ordinary ambulance so they could not call it.

Doctors arrived only when the poets wife demanded it for the second time because he felt very bad.
The chief physician of the sanitary commission Iryna Abelskaya told ERB that the poet had arrived in a rather serious condition and reassured that Ryhor Baradulin would be okay.

Iryna Abelskaya: "He is in the reanimation in a rather serious condition. Do not worry, he will be okay. The patient is undergoing treatment and is being examined to the full extent. However, taking into account his age and the acute period of the disease he has to stay in the reanimation unit. He has bilateral viral pneumonia".

Meanwhile, the poet was discharged from Minsk hospital #10 last Wednesday. As usual, uncle Ryhor was joking in an interview with ERB.

Ryhor Baradulin: "They have helped me recover a bit and promised I will live a little longer I think I will I still want to live At times it seems that everything is boring, but when you think about it you understand that you will not live once again"