Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

"Serious tourist" from Belarus: reason for my fame makes me smile


Belarusian Vital Zyalkouski has become a global internet-mem due to his photos from different countries with identical face expression.

Vital has discovered his popularity just recently. Euroradio has talked to the youngster, who now lives and works in Belgium.

Vital Zyalkouski: My friends called me saying they saw this. I also took a look at it all today.

Euroradio: What do you feel about it?

Vital Zyalkouski: It is interesting. The situation is a bit funny. The reason for my fame makes me smile.

Euroradio: Have you travelled around many countries? Where have you been? Did you take pictures like this everywhere?

Vital Zyalkouski: Basically, these are the EU countries. I've been all around Europe. And I took these pictures in Europe.

Euroradio: Why do you take pictures like that? You don't have anyone to take a picture of you because you travel alone?

Vital Zyalkouski: When I travel with my friends, I travel by car. However, if I fly, I travel alone. I don't take a lot of luggage so I don't need a big camera, I take pictures on my cell phone camera. I choose a peculiar route so it is more convenient for me to travel alone. It never happens the way like, I come somewhere and stay there lying on a beach for two weeks. I spend several days on one city.

Euroradio: Where do you live now? What do you do?

Vital Zyalkouski: I live in Antwerp, I am an industrial designer, work as an engineer-constructor. I have a Belarusian citizenship, but I have lived in Europe for 9 years by now.

Euroradio: Where did you live before?

Vital Zyalkouski: My parents are from Maladechna. I lived in Minsk. I studied information technologies in the Belarusian national technical university there. I worked by assignment for 2 years. I have always wanted to go to Europe. Thus, after my assignment work was over, I went there to study. I finished the post-graduate education and stayed in Belgium to work.

Euroradio: Have you already felt your popularity?

Vital Zyalkouski: I was in Minsk on Monday. When I was going from Minsk to Vilnius, two youngsters approached me asking to take a picture with them. I didn't understand the reason then, but yesterday I saw this all and it became clear.

Euroradio: You say it makes you smile, but why are you so serious at the pictures?

Vital Zyalkouski: When I come to a city, I check it. My photos are not for someone to look at closely. I don't take them for the public. This is just for my personal archive. I don't take special pictures. I do everything easily, - answers Vital, seriously, like a real engineer.