Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

There are no imbalances in gender equality in Belarus, says deputy chair of Belarusian Women’s Union


There are no imbalances in gender equality in Belarus, Rehina Davidovich, deputy chairperson of the Belarusian Women’s Union of Women, told reporters in Minsk on Thursday, the eve of International Women’s Day.

According to her, "all points" of national programs aimed at achieving gender equality are fulfilled. "Yes, I agree with you and I don't like the fact that there is only one woman in our government: the minister of labor and social security," she said. "I would like there to be more of them [women], but almost every ministry has a woman deputy minister, and those are serious ministries, even in traditionally male sectors, such as the ministries of agriculture, industry and communications. Women are not in leading positions, but they are present there."

There is no need for a commissioner for women's rights and gender equality in Belarus, Ms. Davidovich noted. "On the one hand, it would be good to have such an agency, but on the other hand, nobody prevents you from raising questions and you will be listened to," she said.

As a result of the September 2012 parliamentary elections, the number of female MPs decreased from 30 to 29 percent, but this is quite a large number compared with other countries, Ms. Davidovich said.

She noted that the Belarusian Women’s Union was open "for contact" with various organizations and political parties "if they are set to work for the good of the individual."