Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

New "doctors' case"?


Doctors are suspected of collaborating with foreign secret services.

This information is contained in the classified letter from the Prosecutor General's Office to the Health Ministry, charter97.org learnt from an anonymous source in the government.

The ministry is informed about the results of the monitoring in the health sector, which aim was to find persons suspected of being involved in corruption. Prosecutors found 150 doctors of different ranks to whom article 21 of the Law on Corruption will be applied. The article defines the crimes equalled to corruption, including "accepting property or other benefits in the form of services, patronage, promises of some advantages for personal use or other for third persons in exchange for any action or non-action when performing professional duties by officials or equated persons or by foreign officials."

The matter may go beyond corruption accusations.

The letter notes that the suspected doctors participated in various international forums and scientific conferences and their accommodation was paid by sponsors of the events, among them, as prosecutors think, pharmaceutical companies and non-governmental foundations "controlled by foreign secret services".

Some of the suspected doctors already had conversations with prosecutors that looked more like questionings, the source says. Ahead of March 8, talks about preparation for the doctors' case similar to the "doctors' plot" in Stalin's time recently increased among doctors, most of whom are women.