Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Autukhovich cases investigator escaped to USA


The investigator, who was dealing with Mikalaj Autukhovichs first case moved to the USA as a permanent residence.

The senior investigator of the Department of Financial Investigations for Hrodna region Mikalaj Alikhver has posted pictures from the USA on the social network Classmates.

According to what a director Volha Mikalajchyk posted on her Facebook account, she received the information of the investigators moving for a permanent residence to the USA from the friends of politically imprisoned Autukhovich:

"The very same Alikhver appeared on the Classmates the senior investigator of the Department of Financial Investigations of the State Control Committee for Hrodna, who dealt with the case of Mikalaj Autukhovich and Yury Lavonau in 2003-2005 before the trial. If you remember, the guys were then sentenced for a so-called economic crime on a fabricated case and served the punishment in a high security penal colony. Everyone was surprised, when the investigator Alikhver, who was in good repute with the State Control Committees administration, quit police after the trial and disappeared. People told that he supposedly moved to the USA. It seemed like he won a Green Card.

Having been released, Mikalaj Autukhovich attended a reception with the USAs ambassador Karen Stuart. He asked her if it was possible to specify whether it was true. She promised to help. But alas

And today the Classmates suggested me to add him as a friend. I recognized a familiar face and read: Mikalaj Alikhver, 35 years, Atlanta, USA.

But what stroke me the most, was his status above the picture "I am happy!". He is hugging his wife in the picture. I look and see that, actually, they are both shining with happiness. What does not happen in life! Autukhovich rots in prison for his second term, and this guy is happy! The highest degree of cynicism.

If Alikhver is happy, it means that pings of remorse do not disturb him. If he is not afraid of anything posting his picture on a social network, then he would be able to give an interview to our journalists. Isnt it true? And among all people he has something to tell. Even more so that we know how to find him now"

We would remind that Mikalaj Autukhovich was sentenced to 5 years in high security prison for revealing corruption among the representatives of the local authorities in Vaukavysk.