Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

"Oppositional" wreaths stolen in Homiel


The wreaths have disappeared from the monument to warriors-liberators, which were laid by the activists of the United Democratic Forces and the Just World party on the Victory Day 9 May.

The head of the Homiel regional organization of the Just World party Uladzimir Siakerka told Radio Svaboda that city residents noted the disappearance of the wreaths on 11 May.

All the other wreaths were in place – from the regional executive committee, from the KGB department, official trade unions.

"I have applied on 12 May to the Central police department with a request to find out who steals wreaths from the memorial in the center of the city, which is vandalism in essence. A police major Siarhej Kryshniau took the application from me. Together with an on-duty police brigade we went to the memorial and made sure that all the wreaths were in place apart from the two – from our regional party organization and the united democratic forces of the region", - the politician stated.