Updated at 13:48,21-06-2019

Homel resident fined for anti-alcohol picket


Dzmitry Karashkou was found guilty of violating the rules of holding mass events.

Judge Alena Tsalkova issued a fine of 10 penalty units (1.3 million rubles) to the activist. Dzmitry had mitigating circumstances – two minor children and absence of police records during the year, BelaPAN news agency reports.

On November 11, Dzmitry Karashkou raised the banner "Stop selling alcohol near school" near the regional executive committee. He was taken to a police station.

The activist didn't admit his guilt at the trial. He said he applied to the city authorities in February 2013 for an anti-alcohol picket in accordance with the law and the resolution of the local authorities "On mass events". He didn't get permission, so he decided applications to the city authorities were senseless, but the right to hold peaceful assemblies is guaranteed by the constitution.

"I will appeal against the court decision and continue my activity. The problem of alcoholisation is acute. The authorities cannot close eyes to it. At the same time, they don't allow citizens to protest. The court decision wasn't a surprise for me," Karashkou said.