Updated at 15:27,23-09-2020

Minsker explains why he killed his wife and cut body into pieces


The hearing of Hanna Sardechkina’s case has started in Minsk Zavodski District Court today.

Head of an amateur archer club Hanna Sardechkina disappeared on August 12, 2013. He ex-husband informed the police about it two days later. They suspected him of the murder. He confessed during the investigation and told the police where he had hidden her body.

The woman was strangled and then her body was cut into pieces. Some of the remnants were found in a plastic bag at the bottom of Tsnyanksaye storage pond and the rest was buried.

The accused, Sardechkina’s ex-husband Kanstantsin Kazlou pled guilty. He was quarrelling a lot with his wife after the divorce which created obstacles for his “normal relations with their small son”, he explained.

Kazlou asked to hold the trial behind closed doors but his appeal was rejected.

Kanstantsin Kazlou has a higher education and worked as a lead part-programming engineer in Minsk before the detention. He has been jailed since August 20, 2013.