Updated at 16:23,20-06-2018
Attackers hack Investigation Committee's page on Facebook Kомментарии
13 июнь 2018, 16:31 | English / Society

Belarus' Investigation Committee's page on Facebook was hacked in the morning of 12 June. A statement on behalf of the Investigation Committee read: "On the orders from the President of Belarus Aliaksandr Lukashenka, the Minitstry of Communication and IT halts all the activities deemed unfriendly „итать

Filmmaker Alyaksei Turovich detained in Kurapaty Kомментарии
13 июнь 2018, 16:27 | English / Society

Policemen detained filmmaker and Kurapaty defender Alyaksei Turovich in Minsk on June 12. „итать

"Are you sure that people will vote against death penalty?” Kомментарии
11 июнь 2018, 19:16 | English / Society

What is it like to know that you will be shot? Shot by the state. Shot in the name of every citizen of the country you live in. We can hardly imagine it. „итать

Restaurant near Kurapaty memorial site opens despite protests Kомментарии
08 июнь 2018, 19:15 | English / Society

The first visitors arrived on Tuesday night, Radio Liberty reports. „итать

Belarusian Mobile Operators Launch Summer 2018 Tariffs For Tourists Kомментарии
08 июнь 2018, 18:31 | English / Society

Summer is here and it means that Belarus is preparing to welcome crowds of tourists. Local mobile operators launched special tariffs to let guests of our country feel at home. „итать

‘Log in shoulder’: Belarus paraglider posts shocking photos of injury Kомментарии
05 июнь 2018, 17:39 | English / Society

A thrill-seeker fell to the ground, got a heavy injury but retained his sense of humour. „итать

LGBT activist summoned thrice for criticism of Belarus authorities’ homophobia Kомментарии
04 июнь 2018, 17:36 | English / Society

Vika Biran has been summoned to Tsentralny and Leninski district police department in Minsk, activist Nick Antipov said on Facebook. „итать

35th Out Of 175! Belarus Tops Ranking Of Best Countries For Children To Grow Up Kомментарии
31 май 2018, 19:37 | Main story / Society

Belarus is the one of the best places in the world to grow up as a kid, according to the latest study by Save the Children. „итать

Minsk National Airport Named CIS Best Airport Of 2017 Kомментарии
31 май 2018, 19:34 | English / Society

Minsk National Airport won the CIS Best Airport of 2017 competition, the airport’s press service reports. „итать

‘It is you who are fake’: LGBT activist protests against Belarus officials’ gay-bashing Kомментарии
31 май 2018, 19:32 | English / Society

Protesting against the recent homophobic statement by the Interior Ministry, LGBT activist Vika Biran had her pictures taken in front of the ministerial building. „итать

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