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Belarus election: Shoot to kill scenario unlikely, political analyst says
05 июнь 2020, 16:26 | Main story / Society

I expected that this year the authorities would not wait to apply repression until Election Day, but would try to intimidate potential protesters earlier - in July or early August. But I did not expect it to start so early," read more

COVID-19 In Belarus: 43,403 Infected, Daily Increase 847 Cases
02 июнь 2020, 20:11 | English / Society

As of 1 June, 43,403 COVID-19 cases have been registered in Belarus (+847 in the past 24 hours), the Healthcare Ministry reports. This is the smallest increase since 5 May: then there were 861 new cases per day, on 4 May – 784. read more

Number Of COVID-19 Cases In Belarus Crosses 40,000 Cases Mark
29 май 2020, 19:58 | English / Society

As of 28 May, 40,764 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Belarus (+906 in the 24 hours), the Healthcare Ministry reports. A total of 17,390 patients recovered and were discharged from hospitals (+730 in the 24 hours). read more

WHO: Belarus Among 5 Countries With Highest Number Of COVID-19 Cases
29 май 2020, 19:51 | Main story / Society

Belarus is among the five European countries reporting the highest cumulative numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases over the past 14 days, Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, has reported. read more

Paramedics Report No COVID-19 Extra Pay, Their Head Doctor Loses Job
25 май 2020, 15:36 | English / Society

Chief physician of the ambulance station in Bobruisk Sergei Chudov has lost his job. According to paramedics, today, 22 May, is his last working day. read more

PropagandaDAILY: Latest hits from pro-Kremlin websites in Belarus
25 май 2020, 15:31 | Main story / Society

Using the COVID19-related messaging, the pro-Russian propaganda network in Belarus continues to launch metastases in the country's information field. When the State Department and Western grants are no longer enough, when mentioning the "young scum from the opposition" no longer works, a heavy drug read more

32,426 COVID-19 Infected In Belarus, Daily Increase Of 900+ For Over 2 Weeks
21 май 2020, 18:53 | English / Society

As of 20 May, 32,426 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Belarus. Thus, a daily increase is 918 new cases, according to the Healthcare Ministry. read more

EU States Endorse Accords Making Travel For Belarusians Easier
21 май 2020, 18:42 | English / Society

Ambassadors of the 27 European Union member states have endorsed two agreements that will make it easier and cheaper for Belarusian citizens to enter most EU countries. read more

Two RFE/RL Film Crew Killed, One Injured In Belarus Road Accident
17 май 2020, 22:28 | English / Society

Two RFE/RL filmmakers have died in a car crash in Belarus while returning from a video shoot related to the coronavirus pandemic. A third crew member was critically injured. read more

COVID-19 In Belarus: 25,825 Infected, +952 New Cases Per Day
15 май 2020, 00:36 | English / Society

As of 13 May, 25,825 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Belarus, the Healthcare Ministry Telegram channel reports. read more

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