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Russian TV show: Belarusian girl sings Ukrainian song about war Kомментарии
23 май 2018, 22:03 | English / Society

16-year-old Belarusian Vera Yaroshyk performed the song Obiymi (Embrace) by the famous Ukrainian band Okean Elzy. „итать

Online petition demands inquiry into interior ministry's "homophobic" statement Kомментарии
22 май 2018, 23:59 | English / Society

Activists have launched an online petition demanding that the Prosecutor General's Office look into what they describe as the interior ministry's "homophobic and discriminatory" comments about the UK embassy's show of support for the LGBT community. „итать

Tennis: Vera Lapko wins 2018 Engie Open Saint-Gaudens Kомментарии
22 май 2018, 23:57 | English / Society

Belarusian Vera Lapko has won the tournament in Saint-Gaudens, beating Netherlands' Quirine Lemoine (313) 6-3, 6-4 in the final. Ahead of the Engie Open, she was 93rd in the world. The victory has pushed Lapko up to 77th in the WTA rankings. „итать

Prominent economy commentator heavily beaten in Minsk city center Kомментарии
22 май 2018, 23:55 | English / Society

Independent economic analyst Siarhei Chaly was attacked by unknown people in the centre of Minsk on the night of May 19 when he left the Kuriza Pomada café. „итать

Japanese Man Jailed In Belarus For Arms Smuggling To Be Released Kомментарии
21 май 2018, 11:59 | English / Society

A Japanese military-history buff who is in prison in Belarus on arms-smuggling charges will be released in days, his relatives say. „итать

Belarus Is One Of The Least Tolerant Countries To LGBT People In Europe Kомментарии
19 май 2018, 11:59 | English / Society

Belarus is one of the worst places in Europe to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex, according to its laws. „итать

German citizen illegally crosses Belarus border on bicycle Kомментарии
19 май 2018, 11:53 | English / Society

A bike rider from Germany, 43, who intended to get to Georgia, was stopped in Belarus by Brest border guards. „итать

Disabled people ‘disappear’ in Belarus Kомментарии
19 май 2018, 11:53 | English / Society

All over the world, people with disabilities make up about 15% of the population, and in Belarus they are only 5.8% of the population. „итать

Belarus delegation to skip reburial of uprising 1863 heroes in Vilnius Kомментарии
19 май 2018, 11:34 | English / Society

The remains of people who took part in the 1863 Uprising will be reburied at the Rosa cemetery in Vilnius, Radio Liberty reports quoting the decision of a Lithuanian governmental commission. „итать

Diego Maradona gets job in Belarus Kомментарии
19 май 2018, 11:26 | Main story / Society

Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona has become the chairman of the board at the Belarusian FC Dynamo Brest. Maradona's agent Matias Morla posted a picture on Instagram posing with the Argentinian and Belarusian flags. „итать

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