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Where will Putin strike next? Ukraine? Georgia? Belarus? Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 11:38 | English / Main story

Russia's president thinks Donald Trump is not ready to meet a sudden challenge. Read more

Anarchists, the avangarde of social protests in Belarus Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 23:08 | English / Featured Stories

On 15 March, Belarusian authorities detained dozens of citizens protesting against the social parasite decree. Anarchists were one of the most noticeable movements at the protests in Brest and Minsk, causing an immediate reaction from the police. Read more

Poor civic literacy in Belarus: a legacy of undemocratic rule Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 23:01 | English / Featured Stories

The recently published survey Civic Literacy in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus revealed that the civic literacy rate is lower in Belarus than in Ukraine and Moldova, except when it comes to such issues as budget and taxes. Read more

Lukashenka about protests: West helping ‘roughnecks’ to destabilize situation in Belarus Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 22:54 | English / Politics

Belarusian opposition activists are trying to destabilize the situation in Belarus with the help of the West, president Alyaksandr Lukashenka said on Monday when receiving the report on the preparations for the Belarus-Russia joint strategic army Read more

New non-freeloaders’ actions in provinces – Slonim and Baranavichy Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 22:52 | English / Society

Non-freeloaders’ actions are being held in the provinces. Several hundred people gathred in the centre of Slonim to protest against decree #3 and discuss the situation in the country at 3 p.m. Read more

'We are not slaves': Europe's most repressive state is re​awakening Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 19:19 | English / Foreign media

Street protests that began with anger at a new tax have Belarus’s authoritarian government in their sights Read more

Podcast: The Belarusian Spring Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 11:58 | English / Featured Stories

First Alyaksandr Lukashenka tried the carrot and then he tried the stick. But neither seem to be working. Read more

Journalists detained in Belarus regions Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 11:56 | English / Politics

Several independent journalists cooperating with the Poland-based Belarusian TV channel Belsat on Saturday were detained in Belarus. According to Radio Svaboda, correspondent Volha Chaychyts and cameraman Siarhei Kavalyou were detained in the center Read more

First death sentence handed down in Belarus in 2017 Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 11:54 | English / Society

32-year-old unnamed resident of Naroulia town was sentenced to death by the Gomel Regional Court on 17 March, the court’s spokesperson Olga Barsukova told the media. Read more

Belarus demands journalist's extradition from Russia Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 11:51 | English / Politics

Belarusian Prosecutor-General Alyaksandr Kanyuk says Minsk is ready to provide Russia with all the materials needed for the extradition of a senior editor of the Russian news agency Regnum Read more

Belarusian High Court orders AP reporter to disavow radioactive-milk story Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 11:50 | English / Society

A Belarusian court has ordered an Associated Press reporter to disavow a report he wrote showing high levels of radioactivity in milk produced near the Belarusian territory irradiated by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident. Read more

Belarusians defend Soviet mass graves from bulldozers Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 01:46 | English / Foreign media

Activists are blocking the construction of a building on site of Stalinist mass executions Read more

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