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Belarus and Hong Kong agree to abolish visas Kомментарии

16 январь 2017, 16:20 | English / Main story

Following a meeting between a Belarusian delegation headed by First Vice Prime Minister Vasily Matyushevsky and with the Head of Administration of Hong Kong Special on Monday, 16 January, sides have reached an agreement on mutual visa abolition. Read more

Moldovans revealed as the second-biggest drinkers in the world by interactive map that charts booze consumption in every country Kомментарии

14 январь 2017, 00:18 | English / Foreign media

Brits may have a reputation for liking a tipple but they’re actually only the 17th booziest nation in the world, pipped to the top rankings by drinkers in a number of Eastern European countries. Read more

Inflation in Belarus at 11.8% in 2016 Kомментарии

13 январь 2017, 23:59 | English / Economy

In 2016 the index of consumer prices for goods and services totaled 111.8% as against 2015, the National Statistics Committee told the media. The projected inflation rate for 2016 was 12%. Read more

Moody’s: Belarus’ economy will be the only one in CIS to drop in 2017 Kомментарии

13 январь 2017, 23:56 | English / Economy

In 2017, economies of all CIS countries will be growing slightly faster than in 2016, with only the economy of Belarus expected to slow down again. Read more

Hrodna woman sentenced for porn picture in VK Kомментарии

13 январь 2017, 23:51 | English / Society

Dyiana Selvanava from Hrodna, Belarus, has been sentenced to two years with a year reprieve, she has to pay 690 rubles of fine, she will have her phone confiscated and will be bound by travel restrictions. Read more

Human rights defender Bandarenka gets charged again before release Kомментарии

13 январь 2017, 23:46 | English / Politics

Imprisoned human rights defender Andrei Bandarenka has been charged again three months after his imprisonment. Bandarenka has been accused of ‘malicious disobedience to the colony administration by a person penalized for a heinous crime, the human Read more

Svetlana Alexievich leaves Russian PEN Center Kомментарии

13 январь 2017, 23:43 | English / Society

This was her response to the exclusion of Sergei Parkhomenko. Read more

German media: EU plans refugee camps in Belarus Kомментарии

13 январь 2017, 23:42 | Main story / Society

The EU is financing the construction of refugee camps in Belarus, according to an internal paper of the EU Commission seen by the German Tageszeitung (TAZ) newspaper. The Commission will transfer to Minsk some 7 million euros to finance the building. Read more

Minsk and around: 11 ideas and tips for your 5-day Visa-free stay in Belarus Kомментарии

12 январь 2017, 14:02 | Main story / Featured Stories

Up till recently the visa barrier made even experienced travelers overlook Belarus in favor of other destinations like Lithuania or Ukraine. Read more

Key Q&A about 5-day visa-free stay in Belarus Kомментарии

11 январь 2017, 23:58 | Main story / Featured Stories

Although it is not a total openness for an isolated country like Belarus, many observers in and outside agree this is a step forward. Here are the answers to some of the key questions about the edict. Read more

English may return to Minsk metro as Belarus waits for more tourists Kомментарии

11 январь 2017, 23:55 | English / Society

The Ministry of Sport expects a 20% increase in the number of tourists following the Decree No 8, deputy head of the tourism department at the Ministry of Sport Vital Hrytsevich said at a news briefing in Minsk. New tourists are expected to arrive Read more

How Much does it cost to fly to Belarus from Europe and America? INFOGRAFIC Kомментарии

11 январь 2017, 23:38 | English / Featured Stories

With everyone rejoicing the opportunity to come to Belarus visa-free for 5 days, the first question that would trouble a traveler is: how expensive the trip will be? Read more

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