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Lukashenka to Orthodox Church leaders: Priests should be Belarus-born Kомментарии

22 сентябрь 2016, 18:53 | English / Main story

When meeting with the Council of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka said he counted on a greater involvement of the church in social processes. Read more

Lukashenka attacks Russia over oil supply cut Kомментарии

21 сентябрь 2016, 19:56 | Main story / Politics

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has denounced Russia's decision to reduce its oil exports to Belarus amid a fresh gas price dispute between the two countries. Read more

Wargame: Belarus soldiers ‘regain’ village from separatists Kомментарии

20 сентябрь 2016, 18:59 | Main story / Politics

According to the legend of the military exercises held at Lepelski training ground, illegal armed formations seized Zhilin, a maneuver settlement, in order to win over its civilian population. Read more

Belarus's private sector at a crossroads Kомментарии

19 сентябрь 2016, 19:13 | Main story / Featured Stories

On 7 September 2016 BEROC (Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center) held a seminar on private sector development in Belarus featuring presentations and debates from experts. Read more

Rosatom: Belarus' nuclear plant launch may be delayed by 6 months Kомментарии

16 сентябрь 2016, 21:15 | Main story / Economy

The replacement of the reactor's casing at the Belarusian nuclear power plant will delay the launch of the first reactor block by at least six months, Rosatom's First Deputy Head Alexander Lakshin told eporters on the sidelines of World Nuclear Read more

Minsk and Moscow fail to reach gas agreement Kомментарии

15 сентябрь 2016, 20:15 | Main story / Economy

Belarus-Russia gas negotiations conducted on September 14 were unsuccessful, adviser of the Belarusian Embassy to Russia Yury Yarashevich said. Read more

Over hundred people attend opposition protest in central Minsk Kомментарии

14 сентябрь 2016, 11:25 | Main story / Politics

About one hundred people gathered on the evening of September 12 in Kastrycnickaja Plosca square in downtown Minsk. The action's organizers said they wanted to demand free and fair elections. Read more

Two opposition candidates gain House of Representatives seats Kомментарии

12 сентябрь 2016, 23:05 | Main story / Politics

Two opposition candidates gained seats in the 110-member House of Representatives as a result of the September 6-11 elections, according to the central election commission. Read more

Who'd be an MP in Europe's 'last dictatorship'? Kомментарии

10 сентябрь 2016, 18:10 | Main story / Foreign media

Belarus has Europe’s poorest democratic credentials, but in elections this weekend, a new generation of candidates are talking quietly of change Read more

Paralympics: Belarus stages pro-Russia protest during opening ceremony Kомментарии

08 сентябрь 2016, 19:12 | Main story / Foreign media

Athletes supported Russia, banned from Games due to doping allegations, by carrying country’s flag during procession Read more

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