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Retail chains oppose draft presidential edict regulating sale of alcohol Kомментарии

20 октябрь 2016, 17:59 | English / Main story

Belarus’ leading retail chains have expressed strong opposition to a draft presidential edict that would regulate the sale of alcohol in the country. Read more

Foreign ministry hints at full lifting of US sanctions against Belarus companies Kомментарии

19 октябрь 2016, 23:24 | Main story / Politics

Belarus has welcomed a U.S. decision to prolong the suspension of sanctions against nine Belarusian companies. Read more

Reports: Russia eyes Belarusian petrochemicals transit to Baltic ports Kомментарии

18 октябрь 2016, 21:17 | Main story / Economy

Russia wants to take over the transit of Belarusian petrochemical products to the ports in the Baltic states. The Russian Ralways (RZD) is mullling over an unprecedented 25% discount for Belarus to redirect the transit to the Russian ports, the Read more

Red and wet! How cranberries are harvested in Belarus Kомментарии

17 октябрь 2016, 19:37 | Main story / Featured Stories

The end of September-beginning of October is the traditional time for cranberry harvesting. This small deep red berry ripens on slender creeping shrubs in bogs and wetlands. Read more

Minsk programmer makes artificial arm for his father (video) Kомментарии

14 октябрь 2016, 20:54 | Main story / Featured Stories

A Minsk programmer made an artificial arm for his father with the help of a 3D-printer. Read more

Capitan of Belarusian What? Where? When? team wears BDSM mouth plug on TV Kомментарии

14 октябрь 2016, 01:44 | Main story / Society

People have paid attention to the accessory Alena Povyshava was wearing on her neck during the intellectual game. It was a mouth plug used by BDSM amateurs, they wrote in social networks. Read more

Thwarting plans for a Russian airbase, Minsk strengthens its air force Kомментарии

13 октябрь 2016, 01:36 | Main story / Featured Stories

On 1 October the investigative platform Bellingcat reported that Russia has withdrawn its fighter jets from Belarus. After analysing satellite images, it found no Russian planes on the Baranavichy ​airbase. Bellingcat also found that they had Read more

Belarus FM visits Warsaw: ‘We want to get rid of heavy dependence on Russia’ Kомментарии

12 октябрь 2016, 02:53 | Main story / Politics

During Monday’s press conference in Warsaw, Belsat TV asked Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey whether our country has the intention to U-turn to the West amid the current conflict with Moscow. Read more

Minsk chainsaw massacre leaves one person dead and several injured Kомментарии

10 октябрь 2016, 19:19 | Main story / Society

A man with a chainsaw and an axe attacked visitors of the Europa shopping center in Minsk. One person, a 43-year-old saleswoman, died on the spot. The attack took place at 17:30 on Saturday. Read more

Metropolitan Pavel: I got a waiver from Lukashenka over Belarus passport Kомментарии

07 октябрь 2016, 19:57 | Main story / Society

The head of the Belarusian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Pavel has told a Euroradio correspondent in parliament today that he will not become a Belarusian citizen. Read more

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