Updated at 16:11,02-12-2016

Lukashenka pardoned 11 more 'decembrists'

The president of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenka signed several decrees. In particular, guided by the principles of humanity, the president signed decree on pardoning 11 people convicted of involvement in street riots in Minsk on December 19, 2010, as it was told to BelTA's correspondent in the press service of the Belarusian leader.

The names of pardoned persons were not disclosed.

As we have previously reported, the president has already pardoned 13 convicts of December 19 case. On August 11 were released Dmitry Drozd, Artem Gribkov, Sergey Kazakov, Vladimir Eremenok, Eugeny Sekret, Vasily Parfenkov, Aleksandr Kvyatkevich, Vladimir Matsukevich and Vladimir Homichenko 'the headphone'.

On September 1 were pardoned Aleksandr Kirkevich, Andrey Protasenya, Oleg Gnedchik and Dmitry Doronin.

At the moment behind bars are 15 people convicted of Ploshcha (the Square). They are Aleksandr Atroshchankau, Aleksandr Molchanov, Dmitry Novikov, Mikita Likhavid, Dmitry Bondarenko, the former presidential candidate Andrey Sannikov, Fyodor Mirzayanov, Ilya Vasilievich, the former presidential candidate Statkevich, the former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss, Aleksandr Klaskouski, Dmitry Bulanov, Pavel Vinogradov, Vladimir Loban, Oleg Fedorkevich. Three persons sentenced in a penal labour camp: Pavel Severinets, Dmitry Medved and Andrey Pozniak.

After the pardoning decree, to serve a sentence will continue the seven convicted of December 19 case. We remind, the EU and U.S. demand the release and full rehabilitation of all political prisoners in Belarus.