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Why the Soviet attempt to stamp out religion failed Kомментарии
22 ноябрь 2017, 18:28 | English / Foreign media

“Militant atheism is not merely incidental or marginal to Communist policy. It is not a side effect, but the central pivot,” wrote Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Lenin compared religion to venereal disease. „итать

How Europe’s Last Dictatorship Became a Tech Hub Kомментарии
15 октябрь 2017, 20:47 | Main story / Foreign media

On Friday nights, Zybitskaya street — or simply Zyba, as locals call it — turns into a vast party scene, filled with hipsters in bright shirts, tight dark jeans and black-rimmed glasses, showing how they can be carefree in a country that has been labeled the last dictatorship of Europe. „итать

Belarusian Buzz: He Sells Raw Honey, Aims To Be Most Transparent Company In Unregulated Industry Kомментарии
06 октябрь 2017, 11:48 | English / Foreign media

“We’re on a mission,” says Dimitri Grigorovich gesticulating his blue-sheathed hands in the air to a supermarket shopper who stopped to sample his Apiterra raw honey, “to eradicate processed sugars!” „итать

Five Things to Know About the Zapad-2017 Military Exercise Kомментарии
06 октябрь 2017, 11:07 | English / Foreign media

As Russian forces leave Belarus, what are the main lessons to draw from the Zapad-2017 drills? „итать

The Times names Minsk among 30 great bargain city breaks for brits Kомментарии
07 сентябрь 2017, 16:44 | Main story / Foreign media

“Bored by Paris and Rome? Then try a weekend getaway to Tallinn or Minsk — for less than £250,” the British newspaper writes. „итать

A visit to Europe’s last dictatorship Kомментарии
15 август 2017, 13:43 | English / Foreign media

Ex-Soviet Belarus only began accepting visa-free tourists this year. I had to explore one of the hardest-drinking, most WWII-nostalgic countries on Earth. „итать

Bialowieza Forest: Poland sued over ancient woods logging Kомментарии
21 июль 2017, 13:18 | English / Foreign media

The EU executive has urged Poland to halt logging immediately in one of Europe's last remaining areas of primeval forest, and has asked the European Court of Justice to act on it. „итать

Belarus, ance again, cracks down on dissent Kомментарии
30 май 2017, 20:30 | English / Foreign media

At the 11th hour, the United States renewed sanctions relief for Belarus, even as the country shows little sign of continuing its tepid shift toward the West. „итать

Helping children in Belarusian institutions that aren’t orphanages Kомментарии
29 май 2017, 20:03 | English / Foreign media

Letters from Richard Carter, who says the reasons for institutional placement in former communist bloc countries are complex and varied, Norma Brier of Norwood, and Linda Walker of Chernobyl Children’s Project UK „итать

Belarus protest draws 400 despite main organizer's arrest Kомментарии
02 май 2017, 01:03 | English / Foreign media

An opposition protest in Belarus' capital drew about 400 people on Monday even though the event was officially banned and its main organizer was arrested over the weekend. „итать

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