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Third death sentence fulfilled in Belarus Kомментарии

02 декабрь 2016, 16:00 | English / Society

The third deaths sentence has been fulfilled in Belarus. Henadz Yakavitski was executed in detention centre #1 on November 5. Read more

Extraordinary bribes in Belarus Kомментарии

02 декабрь 2016, 15:56 | English / Society

Head of the referee department of the Belarusian Football Federation Andrei Zhukau stood trial in Minsk on November 30. Read more

‘Naftan’ managers get 28 years in prison for bribery Kомментарии

02 декабрь 2016, 15:53 | English / Society

The Vitsebsk regional court sentenced former deputy director general of “Naftan” to 12 years in prison. Read more

Belarus executes another death-row convict - rights defenders Kомментарии

30 ноябрь 2016, 16:34 | English / Society

29-year-old inhabitant of Lida District Ivan Kulesh was executed by shooting. He was sentenced to death for the murder of three women and robbery in November 2015. Read more

Minsk police decide to take action against “panties intruder” Kомментарии

28 ноябрь 2016, 16:46 | English / Society

Minsk police have started an investigation about a candid photoshoot that took place in Victory Square in Minsk. Police said that they had received several complaints about the pictures of a girl who posed half-naked in front of the WWII monument in Read more

Book by Svetlana Alexievich named among 10 best books of 2016 by WP Kомментарии

28 ноябрь 2016, 16:43 | English / Society

The Washington Post described Secondhand Time, a novel the Belarusian writer and Nobel prize winner, as “raw and powerful”. Read more

Brest authorities ban political symbols in public transport Kомментарии

28 ноябрь 2016, 16:31 | English / Society

Brest resident Iryna Laurouskaya took a jitney and noticed a ribbon of Saint George on the windscreen. The woman asked the driver to remove the symbol but he rudely refused. Read more

Acting head of traffic police department in Baranavichy strikes and kills pedestrian Kомментарии

28 ноябрь 2016, 16:27 | English / Society

The acting head of the Baranavichy city traffic police department struck and killed a pedestrian on the evening of November 26. Read more

Relatives of Trump's son-in-law have Belarus roots - document Kомментарии

25 ноябрь 2016, 10:01 | English / Society

A document has been discovered in Belarus, pointing to the Belarusian geographical roots of US President-elect Donald Trump's relatives, according to Uladzimir Adamushka, director of Archives Department at the Ministry of Justice of Belarus. Read more

Polatsk man detained after asking policeman to vacate parking for disabled spot Kомментарии

25 ноябрь 2016, 09:59 | English / Society

A 26-year-old Polatsk resident was heading for a supermarket with his girlfriend but was jailed on November 17, Vitsebsk People’s News reports. Read more

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