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Happy to be in Belarus – Head of EU mission about MOST project progress Kомментарии

21 октябрь 2016, 01:15 | English / Society

Interim results of MOST, an EU funded project to enhance people-to-people-contacts between Belarus and the bloc, have been assessed at Goethe Institute in Minsk on Thursday. Read more

Football: Belarus drops 20 places in FIFA rankings Kомментарии

20 октябрь 2016, 18:16 | English / Society

Team Belarus has plunged 20 positions down to 77th place in the October 2016 ranking from the previous month. Read more

How to get to Belarus' Augustow Canal area without visa Kомментарии

20 октябрь 2016, 18:06 | English / Society

Foreigners will be given a special document designed for visa-free visits to Augustow Canal area, according to the Regulation No 827 on the rules of visits by foreign citizens to the tourism and recreation park "Augustow Canal" and surrounding Read more

First medical and pharmaceutical cluster opens in Belarus Kомментарии

20 октябрь 2016, 18:04 | English / Society

A research center of the pharmaceutical company Nativita was inaugurated in town Beshenkovichi in Vitebsk region on Wednesday, October 19. In 2017 the plant producing news drugs for the treatment of cancer will start operating in the cluster. Read more

Capitan of Belarusian What? Where? When? team wears BDSM mouth plug on TV Kомментарии

14 октябрь 2016, 01:44 | Main story / Society

People have paid attention to the accessory Alena Povyshava was wearing on her neck during the intellectual game. It was a mouth plug used by BDSM amateurs, they wrote in social networks. Read more

Week without abortion held in Belarus Kомментарии

13 октябрь 2016, 01:47 | English / Society

The Week without Abortion is being held in Belarus on October 10-16. The action is dated for Mother’s Week and is supposed to remind the public that life is valuable and that there should be harmony in families. Read more

Minsk chainsaw massacre leaves one person dead and several injured Kомментарии

10 октябрь 2016, 19:19 | Main story / Society

A man with a chainsaw and an axe attacked visitors of the Europa shopping center in Minsk. One person, a 43-year-old saleswoman, died on the spot. The attack took place at 17:30 on Saturday. Read more

Brest-Mazyr cruise for $360 vs. Europe-Brazil cruise for €360 Kомментарии

07 октябрь 2016, 20:16 | English / Society

The first Belarusian cruise ship Belaya Rus has been launched in Brest. It took 5 years to finish the construction of the ship. The ship can accommodate 35 people in 16 cabins and will make cruises between Brest and Mazyr. The cruise (all inclusive) Read more

Milkavita vs AP reporter case sent to Minsk Economic Court Kомментарии

07 октябрь 2016, 20:13 | English / Society

The action brought by Milkavita against AP journalist Yuras Karmanau has been sent to Minsk Economic Court. Minsk's Maskouski District judge Alena Rudnitskaya has made the decision, the press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Read more

Metropolitan Pavel: I got a waiver from Lukashenka over Belarus passport Kомментарии

07 октябрь 2016, 19:57 | Main story / Society

The head of the Belarusian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Pavel has told a Euroradio correspondent in parliament today that he will not become a Belarusian citizen. Read more

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