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Hrodna woman sentenced for porn picture in VK Kомментарии

13 январь 2017, 23:51 | English / Society

Dyiana Selvanava from Hrodna, Belarus, has been sentenced to two years with a year reprieve, she has to pay 690 rubles of fine, she will have her phone confiscated and will be bound by travel restrictions. Read more

Svetlana Alexievich leaves Russian PEN Center Kомментарии

13 январь 2017, 23:43 | English / Society

This was her response to the exclusion of Sergei Parkhomenko. Read more

German media: EU plans refugee camps in Belarus Kомментарии

13 январь 2017, 23:42 | Main story / Society

The EU is financing the construction of refugee camps in Belarus, according to an internal paper of the EU Commission seen by the German Tageszeitung (TAZ) newspaper. The Commission will transfer to Minsk some 7 million euros to finance the building. Read more

English may return to Minsk metro as Belarus waits for more tourists Kомментарии

11 январь 2017, 23:55 | English / Society

The Ministry of Sport expects a 20% increase in the number of tourists following the Decree No 8, deputy head of the tourism department at the Ministry of Sport Vital Hrytsevich said at a news briefing in Minsk. New tourists are expected to arrive Read more

The date of the start of Visa-free entry to Belarus announced Kомментарии

11 январь 2017, 23:35 | English / Society

Decree No. 8 “On the introduction of the visa-free entry and departure for foreign citizens” signed by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on 9 January was published at the national legal portal on 11 January. Read more

Belarusians test first mobile guide that will help you travel around the country Kомментарии

09 январь 2017, 19:19 | English / Society

KrokApp is a mobile app that will allow tourists to travel around Belarus without professional guides. Read more

Travelers from 20+ countries visit Belarusian Grodno visa-free since October Kомментарии

09 январь 2017, 19:10 | English / Society

Over 300 visa-free tourists landed in Grodno region for Christmas and New Year holidays. Overall, more than 2.2 thousand foreigners visited the region since the introduction of visa-free entry. Read more

eSports now officially sport discipline in Belarus Kомментарии

09 январь 2017, 19:01 | English / Society

Computer games have officially become part of a healthy lifestyle, rivaling hockey. Read more

BREAKING: Belarus cancels Visas for citizens of 80 states (UPDATED) Kомментарии

09 январь 2017, 17:46 | Main story / Society

Citizens of 80 countries can enter Belarus visa-free for up to 5 days through Minsk National Airport, the press service of the President of Belarus reports. Read more

Belarus to start making its second space satellite in 2017 Kомментарии

06 январь 2017, 22:05 | English / Society

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) will start making the second satellite for the remote sensing of the Earth BKA-2 in 2017, the media learned during the presentation of the Year of Science in Belarus on 6 January. Read more

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