Updated at 19:18,26-07-2017
Reports: Belarusian NPP's administration refutes death of 2 workers Kомментарии
26 июль 2017, 19:05 | English / Society

An emergency occurred during the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant in Atsraviec District, Radio Liberty reports quoting local resident Danuta. „итать

Depeche Mode may return to Minsk in February 2018 Kомментарии
26 июль 2017, 19:01 | English / Society

Depeche Mode released an update on their official website that all possible options are being considered to fit in their return to Minsk next winter. „итать

Russian troops start arriving in Belarus for Zapad 2017 exercise Kомментарии
26 июль 2017, 18:59 | English / Society

Russian troops has started arriving in Belarus on July 23. „итать

Young Belarusian programmer wins ‘Yandex. Algorithm’ for fourth time Kомментарии
21 июль 2017, 13:22 | English / Society

The competition final involved 25 programmers. The athletes had 2.5 hours to find solutions to 6 tasks. First place went to Henadz Karatkevitch. „итать

Belarusians call to set up Belarusian language protection fund Kомментарии
21 июль 2017, 13:11 | English / Society

A language resolution adopted in Minsk on July 16 was one of the documents on the agenda of the 7th World Congress of Belarusians organized by the World Association of Belarusians. „итать

Number of Belarusian tourists in Ukraine tripled since 2016 Kомментарии
18 июль 2017, 15:51 | English / Society

National Statistical Committee has revealed the number of Belarusians who spent their holidays in the neighboring countries in 2016. „итать

Amazon sells Lukashenko chocolate set with president’s brightest quotes Kомментарии
07 июль 2017, 15:59 | English / Society

Internet users have spotted a curious offer on Amazon – a chocolate set devoted to Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. „итать

U.S. army major mysteriously dies while visiting Belarus; no foul play suspected Kомментарии
07 июль 2017, 15:56 | English / Society

A U.S. Army major died mysteriously while visiting Belarus last month, media reported on July 6. „итать

Belarusian chapel in London wins prestigious architecture award Kомментарии
07 июль 2017, 15:03 | English / Society

The wooden Greek Catholic chapel of Belarusian community in London won NLA2017 People's Choice award. „итать

Belarus is 65th in Social Progress Index Kомментарии
28 июнь 2017, 21:40 | English / Society

Belarus is in the 65th position out of 127 in the Social Progress Index. The rating was made by American experts who assessed the state of medicine, education, access to technologies, human rights protection and tolerance. „итать

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