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New non-freeloaders’ actions in provinces – Slonim and Baranavichy Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 22:52 | English / Society

Non-freeloaders’ actions are being held in the provinces. Several hundred people gathred in the centre of Slonim to protest against decree #3 and discuss the situation in the country at 3 p.m. Read more

First death sentence handed down in Belarus in 2017 Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 11:54 | English / Society

32-year-old unnamed resident of Naroulia town was sentenced to death by the Gomel Regional Court on 17 March, the court’s spokesperson Olga Barsukova told the media. Read more

Belarusian High Court orders AP reporter to disavow radioactive-milk story Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 11:50 | English / Society

A Belarusian court has ordered an Associated Press reporter to disavow a report he wrote showing high levels of radioactivity in milk produced near the Belarusian territory irradiated by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident. Read more

Over 4400 foreigners arrived in Belarus during first month of visa-free regime Kомментарии

15 март 2017, 23:37 | English / Society

4438 foreign nationals from 59 countries arrived in Belarus during the first month of the five-day visa-free regime in force since February 12, 2017, BELTA news agency reports quoting State Border Control Committee spokesman Anton Bychkousi. Read more

Feminists try to disrupt Mark Formelle’s photo session Kомментарии

13 март 2017, 12:39 | English / Society

Mark Formelle’s photo session has caused a scandal. Several feminists tried disrupting it. They brought posters in protest against sexism in advertisements. Read more

Kurapaty defenders wrapping up tent camp Kомментарии

07 март 2017, 11:33 | English / Society

The defenders of Kurapaty, a memorial to the victims of executions by the Stalin's secret police in the late 1930s in a Minsk suburb, on Monday March 6 began to dismantle their tent camp. The defense had lasted for two weeks. Read more

300K Ukrainians on Russia's 'black list' may come to Belarus legally Kомментарии

06 март 2017, 23:13 | English / Society

Almost 300 thousand Ukrainians are unable to enter Belarus despite the fact that they do not represent a problem for Belarus. Read more

Photo report: Battle on Nyamiha staged in Minsk Kомментарии

06 март 2017, 22:45 | English / Society

Knights have fought a battle in the Upper Town in Minsk. The event was dated for the 950s anniversary of the famous battle that is connected with the first record of Minsk. Read more

Belarus to ratify visa-free travel agreement with argentina Kомментарии

06 март 2017, 22:42 | English / Society

Belarusian MPs plan to ratify an intergovernmental agreement with Argentina on mutual visa-free travel for citizens, the media report. Read more

Exhibition of Francisak Skaryna books to be displayed in Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic this year Kомментарии

06 март 2017, 22:34 | English / Society

Two book collections printed by Francisak Skaryna and currently stored in Belarus will be exhibited in Italy, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic this year on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Belarusian book printing. Read more

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