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Al Jazeera: Scores detained after defying Belarus protest ban Kомментарии

29 март 2017, 01:59 | English / Foreign media

Police detain scores attempting to hold banned rally, days after president warns of foreign-backed plot to topple him. Read more

The Telegraf: Belarus Freedom Day protests: arrests as hundreds take to streets Kомментарии

29 март 2017, 01:56 | English / Foreign media

Hundreds of citizens gathered in Minsk as part of the country's largest street protests to defy the so-called 'social parasite law' taxing the unemployed. Read more

‘Grabbing young and old, dragging women by hair’: Belarus riot police make headlines in West Kомментарии

27 март 2017, 16:01 | English / Foreign media

The world saw what Belarus looked like on Saturday evening. Read more

The Washington Post: Belarus had a large protest today. Is it the beginning of a movement, or the end? Kомментарии

27 март 2017, 15:55 | English / Foreign media

It was an unusual sight in Minsk: About a thousand people gathered in the capital Saturday to protest the authoritarian government. Activists, some wrapped in the red-and-white flag of the opposition, shouted “Fascists!" at riot police. Read more

The Guardian: Riot police in Belarus attack protesters calling for end to ‘dictatorship’ Kомментарии

27 март 2017, 14:43 | English / Foreign media

Crackdown by President Lukashenko follows two months of demonstrations against his 23-year rule Read more

Euronews: Belarus protest turns violent as hundreds arrested Kомментарии

26 март 2017, 01:03 | English / Foreign media

Police in Minsk have arrested hundreds of people during a mass rally organised to mark the 99th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarussian People’s Republic. Read more

The Washington Post: Belarus police arrest over 400 protesters; many are beaten Kомментарии

26 март 2017, 00:59 | English / Foreign media

Police in Belarus cracked down hard Saturday on opposition protesters who tried to hold a forbidden demonstration in the capital — a human rights group said more than 400 people were arrested and many were beaten. Read more

The Guardian: Outrage as Belarus arrests authors, publishers and journalists in crackdown Kомментарии

26 март 2017, 00:39 | English / Foreign media

Human rights groups call for release of men arrested by security forces at Minsk literature festival, and others held as protests rock authoritarian state Read more

Politico: Europe, keep an eye on Minsk Kомментарии

26 март 2017, 00:35 | English / Foreign media

If the Belarus president is to survive, he will have to walk a narrow path between pressure from demonstrators and the Kremlin. Read more

'We are not slaves': Europe's most repressive state is re​awakening Kомментарии

20 март 2017, 19:19 | English / Foreign media

Street protests that began with anger at a new tax have Belarus’s authoritarian government in their sights Read more

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