FEMEN promises to "Hang every bald-coot dictator by balls"


FEMEN activists, who’d held a rally on the steps of the KGB building in Minsk, congratulated Belarusians on the New Year. The girls made an improvised show near the Belarusian embassy in Kiev. Having dipped their hands into brilliant green, they promised to "take every bald-coot dictator by balls" in 2012.

During the action near the Embassy the girls thanked the Belarusian activists for their support.

On December 28, another group of FEMEN activists congratulates Belarusians on Happy New Year.

FEMEN activists made a video message-congratulation of Belarusians on the New Year. They were joined by activists of the Belarusian "Salidarnasts". FEMEN girls expressed hope that soon the Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians would become truly brotherly people, rather than a "union of tyrants Putin, Medvedev, Lukashenko and Yanukovych".

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