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Russian activist arrested for 5 days in Minsk K

20 2017, 17:29 | English / Politics

A district court in Minsk on Thursday found Timofey Yermakov from the Russian unregistered political party Other Russia found guilty of committing an administrative offence - violation the order during a press conference by an OSCE official in Read more

Belarus expects EU to lift remaining sanctions, deputy foreign minister says K

20 2017, 17:27 | English / Politics

Belarus expects the European Union to fully abolish its sanctions targeting the country, Deputy Foreign Minister Aleh Krawchanka said in an interview published by Hungary's newspaper Magyar Hirlap. Read more

Kremlin says no plans to introduce visa regime with Belarus K

20 2017, 17:25 | English / Politics

Russia's leadership does not study the possibilities of introducing a visa regime with Belarus, Vladimir Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on February 16. Read more

Vilnius reiterates that Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant is unsafe K

17 2017, 00:01 | English / Politics

The Lithuanian foreign ministry has issued a statement reiterating that the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant, which is being built in the Hrodna region, is unsafe. Read more

Radio Liberty reporter not allowed to attend meeting with freeloaders K

16 2017, 17:17 | English / Politics

Radio Liberty journalist Halina Abakunchyk wanted to attend the meeting with freeloaders conducted by Presidents assistant Alexander Yakabson in the administration of Minsk Maskouski District on February 16. Read more

Lukashenka approves 30-percent reduction in staff of Presidential Administration K

16 2017, 00:33 | English / Politics

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has, by his February 13 presidential edict, approved plans to reduce the staff of the Presidential Administration by 30 percent. Read more

Mahilyou authorities forbid Non-freeloaders March K

16 2017, 00:27 | English / Politics

Mahilyou city authorities have refused the city democratic coalitions application for the Non-Freeloaders March appointed for February 19, the BCD press service reports. Read more

Pro-Russia picket participants in Minsk fined $350 each K

16 2017, 00:26 | Main story / Politics

The participants of the pro-Russia picket held in Minsk's Independence Square on February 4 were fined, nn.by reports quoting Minsk City Police spokesperson Alyaksandr Lastouski. Read more

Russian paratroopers to take part in drills in Brest region K

13 2017, 23:29 | English / Politics

Russian paratroopers will take part in a tactical exercise of Belarus' Special Operations Forces in Brest region in April 2017. Read more

Lukashenka meets with editor-in-chief of Narodnaya Volya K

13 2017, 23:23 | English / Politics

Alyaksandr Lukashenka is meeting with Iosif Syaredzich, editor-in-chief of Narodnaya Volya, in Minsk Independence Palace today, on February 13. They are discussing all burning issues and problems, BELTA reports. Read more

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