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Belarusian government is not ready for rapprochement with EU, German MP says Kомментарии

29 март 2017, 01:48 | English / Politics

The Belarusian government’s behavior shows that despite its promises, it is not ready for rapprochement with the European Union, Marieluise Beck, a member of Germany’s Bundestag, said in a statement following a protest in Minsk on March 25 and a Read more

Free Theater actress may have sustained skull fracture during crackdown Kомментарии

29 март 2017, 01:19 | English / Politics

Free Theater actress Yana Rusakevich ended up in emergency care after a riot police soldier stroke her with a baton over the head during the Freedom Day rally on March 25 in Minsk. She may have suffered a skull fracture, reports nn.by. Read more

Ales Lahvinets gets 10 days of arrest Kомментарии

29 март 2017, 01:18 | English / Politics

Minsk's Maskouski District Court today sentenced Ales Lahvinets to 10 days of administrative arrest. Read more

Art Siadziba director Pavel Belavus gets 15 days of arrest for 'public swearing' Kомментарии

29 март 2017, 01:17 | English / Politics

Art Siadziba director Pavel Belavus was arrested for 15 days after a district court in Minsk on Monday found him guilty of petty hooliganism - public swearing. Read more

Alexander Lukashenko invited to USA Kомментарии

27 март 2017, 15:05 | English / Politics

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has been invited to the USA on the occasion of 100th anniversary of U.S. entry into World War I. Read more

Mikalai Statkevich: I'm free after three days in KGB cell Kомментарии

27 март 2017, 15:03 | English / Politics

Opposition politician Mikola Statkevich failed to show up at the Freeddom Day rally on March 25 despite claiming responsibility for the action. Read more

Protests in Belarus go on - more people detained Kомментарии

26 март 2017, 13:25 | Main story / Politics

On Sunday 26 March several dozen people gathered on Oktyabrskaya Square to express solidarity with the detained during yesterday’s Freedom Day rally. Read more

Hundreds detained in Minsk protest Kомментарии

26 март 2017, 00:31 | Main story / Politics

Several hundred people have been detained during a protest in central Minsk today. These include dozens domestic and foreign journalists. Read more

Belarus KGB detains suspects as state pushes 'armed provocateurs' claim Kомментарии

24 март 2017, 22:57 | English / Politics

State television reports in Belarus say the country's security agency, the KGB, has detained an unspecified number of people suspected of plotting mass disorder. Read more

Ales Lahviniec has concussion, closed craniocerebral injury, broken nose Kомментарии

24 март 2017, 22:55 | English / Politics

The detained opposition activist Ales Lahviniec was hospitalized from a courtroom. He is in Minsk's Clinic No 9. Read more

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