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110 tons of beer and 358 prostitutes - 2014 World IIHF Championship in numbers Kомментарии
26 май 2017, 19:19 | English / Society

The 2014 IIHF World Championship in Minsk was a big success with non-stop parties and relaxed atmosphere. Unusually polite police officers eagerly helped merry foreign fans who came to Belarus during the five-day visa-free regime. It would be no exaggeration to say that we breathed with fresh air „итать

One in three Belarusians wants to emigrate - poll Kомментарии
25 май 2017, 18:52 | English / Society

One in three Belarusians (31.3%) wants to leave the country for a permanent residence abroad. „итать

Ice hockey: Belarus rivals at 2018 world championship revealed Kомментарии
25 май 2017, 18:47 | English / Society

Belarus will play in Group A with Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, France and Austria at the 2018 IIHF World Championship in Denmark on May 4-20, 2018. All Group A matches will be played in Copenhagen. „итать

Belarusian policeman gets deprived of bonus for swearing Kомментарии
25 май 2017, 13:31 | English / Society

Employee of Minsk Maskouski District Department of the Interior Mihalyonak has been punished for swearing at Hanna Lahatskaya. An audio recording helped the woman to prove that she was right. „итать

Belarus to waive visas for Chinese citizens holding service passports Kомментарии
22 май 2017, 10:26 | English / Society

Belarus will introduce 30-day visa-free entry for Chinese citizens who are holders of passports for official travel, TUT.BY writes. „итать

Belarus and Argentina abolish visas starting 19 May Kомментарии
22 май 2017, 10:20 | English / Society

Mutual visa-free entry between Belarus and Argentina will come into force starting 19 May. „итать

Belarus and Latvia will host 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Kомментарии
21 май 2017, 09:43 | Main story / Society

Belarus and Latvia have won the right to co-host the 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. „итать

Belarus no longer heaviest drinking nation Kомментарии
20 май 2017, 17:07 | English / Society

Lithuania is currently in the lead. „итать

Designer makes t-shirt with Alexander Lukashenko on it Kомментарии
20 май 2017, 16:15 | English / Society

The closing of the Belarusian fashion and design contest “Mel’nitsa mody” made the headlines on Wednesday because of the collection featuring a T-shirt with the President printed on it. “He is one of the symbols of our country”, the designer told TUT.BY. „итать

Rainbow Index 2017: Belarus remains more homophobic than most countries in Europe Kомментарии
20 май 2017, 14:18 | English / Society

Belarus is more homophobic than most countries in Europe, but situation with the rights of LGBT people is even worse in Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The level of equality of LGBT people and respect for their rights in Belarus is estimated at 13% of 100% in the latest version of 2017 Rainbow „итать

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