Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Aleksandr Sosnov: The printing press again will operate at full capacity


"For two weeks nothing has fundamentally changed in the Belarusian economy, except for Lukashenka's mood. If he said "to draw" 10%, they would draw him so much. "Is it so hard to do this in order to maintain their high positions?", the former Minister of Labor Aleksander Sosnov said in an interview with UDF.BY.

Thus the expert commented on the statement of Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas, that in 2012 Belarus' GDP growth will amount to 5-5.5%. Therefore, the government agreed with the president Aleksander Lukashenka's demand on economic growth forecasts.

"The farther, the more our economy turns into figures on paper. There is a saying: there is a lie, there is a damn lie, and there is statistics. Economics, which are operated manually, always pursue figures and numbers, rather than a real increase in living standards. "Internal sources", Rumas was talking about as the basis of GDP growth, is just another robbery of the population.

I'm talking about the inflation tax, which is common for all of us. Plus to this, Rumas speaks of "emission sources", i.e, the printing press again will operate at full capacity, which will increase the inflation further, and then talks about 218%, by which, according to the Ministry of Economy, prices could rise, will become a reality. Whatever indexations and rise in base wage rates won't catch up with such an inflation, and the people in our "socially oriented" country will grow poor, because of the president's chase for attractive figures"
, Aleksandr Sosnov told UDF.BY.